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Markets and Festivals update

Recent news

Lions 17 – a major event this year for vca Cannes. A record number of events/restaurant bookings and literally hundreds of transfers with our partners Carey Monaco to and from airports, villas and restaurants. Amazing organisation by our team in accommodating last minute changes and being on duty till 3am.

Mipcom 17 - in October – watch out for the successor to Game of Thrones being launched at Mipcom. Vca Cannes is facilitating the main venue and associated services.

And looking ahead....

Mipim 18 – bemused locals have been coming to terms with early requests for Mipim venues. Requests used to be in January, two/three months before. Then demand moved to November, then December and now June/July - 9 months before. Don't worry but you can imagine that dealing with next year's dates between putting out the sun loungers is a bit challenging for anyone - particularly when it's 34C.

So,  can't stress enough that if you want the better venues next March, you should contact us as soon as you can.


vca in Cannes

About us

We based ourselves at our home/office in Callian this summer, 30 minutes from downtown Cannes. 

We took advantage of being on site to check out some excellent new apartments in Cannes. There has been significant private investment at the higher end for the rental market.

We also welcomed to Cannes several clients on site inspections which resulted in us securing event venues and suitable accommodation for them for 2018.

Some very good new restaurants and bars by the way.

It also gave us the opportunity to catch up with all the local people who provide us and our clients with support throughout the year.


Brexit and the local economy

Our view

As we all know, the £ has dropped further since March 2017.  Difficult to call but we're hoping it will remain stable at the very least. I think we're not alone in wishing the political factions would just get on with it.

Locally, our usual suppliers are working hard to hold the € prices of earlier in the year. Having said that, the new political scenario in France will be put to the test this autumn. Nothing can be guaranteed. So yet again, best to secure your options as soon as you can.