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Markets and Festivals

Mipcom last October

Victoria and team had plenty to do at this year's Mipcom. Fab weather always makes a big difference.

Penthouse based events for between 30 and 150 guests most days/evenings. Our caterers excelled - "the best catered food ever at Mipcom" said one regular attendee.

And the launch of Britannia at the Gray beach after the red carpet reception went off brilliantly. Our thanks to the Gray staff, our client Sky Vision and Limelight.

Looking ahead....

Mipim 18 – Lots of our events are now in place and we're fine tuning details for next March. The Wednesday night is looking very busy with quite a few venues already booked out. We tend to forget that the Brits aren't the only ones at Mipim - competition for space in the best restaurants is fierce.

No kidding, if you leave things to mid January, the choice will be very limited. Unless you just want pizza of course. Give Tim a call on his mobile +44 7785 267929 - he's on top of what's available and good.


Our news

As many of you know, we split our time between the UK and Cannes. When we're not in Cannes, we have our team/colleagues locally keeping the wheels turning.

This summer, we based ourselves at our home/office in Callian, 30 minutes from downtown Cannes. Although friends and family assumed we were on holiday (!), the time was very effectively used. We had client visits and time to catch up socially with our local friends, most of whom are suppliers.

This winter will see us back down in Callian for a couple of months whilst the building work takes place on our office in Rye. So the commuting will be reversed. Should be interesting.



Cannes news

Cannes hotel association (Syndicat des Hoteliers)

Recently held their annual meeting. The main items on the agenda were the effect that on line booking services are having (driving down prices and levelling high rates of commission on hotels) and the proliferation of private accommodation via ab&b (now 8000 rooms available in Cannes apparently - more that the total of hotel rooms).

So how does this affect you, the Market or Festival attendee? Well, probably not as favourably as it might appear. The hotels during the festivals are largely "protected" since organisers block rooms and as part of the registration process, direct you to their room handling service. So probably not wise to wait till the last minute to see what hotels have released to etc.

So what about ab&b rooms/apartments. This does present a good option for a holiday/weekend break. When it comes to a business trip, like Mipim or Lions, it can be more frustrating. There's no one to turn to if there's a power outage or water shortage. Quite often, the owners decamp elsewhere.

You're on business as well, so you may need extra services (drinks, some catering etc.). DIY time!

Worth mentioning also - there is now a resident owners association in Cannes whose role in life seems to be reporting noise and disturbance in neighbouring ab&b lets to the Town Hall and tax authorities.

You decide of course, but with us, you get 24 hour support for your apartment rental and a myriad of other services to make you stay comfortably effective.

Saudi business

As a result of recent events in Saudi, one detected a fair amount of panic in the local papers amongst high end hoteliers and restaurant owners. Business from the Gulf and Saudi Arabia has been very important for high summer occupancy and profits. Any drop off as a consequence of Prince Salman's new policies could be bad news.