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Lions Cannes 2021

Where to stay during Cannes Lions


Lions effectively lasts a week, so it’s worth putting extra effort into finding the ideal accommodation. Thanks to our permanent presence in Cannes we have close links with the hotel trade so we can offer a good range of hotel rooms, both basic and a bit more luxe.

Renting an apartment in Cannes can be cost-effective if you are travelling in a group of up to four.

If your group is larger, consider renting a villa, which gives you the opportunity to entertain on your own patch. And some of our clients like the convenience and glamour of a static yacht in the Old Port at Cannes.




Find a room

Hotel rooms are an easy option for delegates at Cannes Lions. All the housekeeping is taken care of, and you can be sure of comfort and convenience. Many hotels offer facilities such as a gym or a pool that can make your stay even more comfortable.

Our year-round presence in Cannes means we have good relationships with the best hotels. We contract four-star and three-star hotel rooms for our event partners, and we often have surplus, which we can offer to you. If you need a hotel room in Cannes during Lions, call on vca and we will see what we can do.




Studio or penthouse?

To make the most of Cannes Lions your apartment should be centrally located and well-appointed. We work with Cannes’ best property agents, or we go direct to the owners. We make ourselves familiar with all the apartments we offer because we like to know the facilities and services are exactly as promised. vca works to ensure that clients have a hassle-free time at Cannes Lions, so we’ll come and show you how everything works.

We offer everything from one-bed studios to imposing penthouses, so let us know what you need. We can also arrange catering and cleaning, too, and will help if you want to adapt your apartment into working space.




House and garden

Renting a villa is a good choice for a longer event like Cannes Lions. We have villas with three to seven bedrooms, and most of them have gardens and pools too.

Ask about daily cleaning and catering services if you need those taken care of so you can focus on the festival.

A villa can also be used as a workspace or for meetings, which certainly adds to their appeal. Our Cannes HQ service can help you make whatever adaptations you need to make the space your own.

You could even extend your rental and treat yourself to a bit of a holiday in the week before or after Cannes Lions.




On the water

The Old Port of Cannes is very conveniently located for the Palais and a static yacht charter during Lions can be good value for this reason. A yacht offers top quality accommodation, and the professional crew will take good care of you during your stay. You can use your yacht for entertaining, too, and the convenient location will make your event very appealing to potential guests.

vca has been chartering boats in the Port of Cannes for many years now: we have a good relationship with the port authorities, which means we can get the best berths and take care of all the official procedures.