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Cannes 2021

Revised dates

Tuesday 06 July to Saturday 21 July 2021

The Festival de Cannes is world famous and it can be said, helped put Cannes on the map. The emphasis of this film festival, which is invitation only, is on artistic achievement, which is recognised by the various juries culminating in a number of different awards, including the famous Palme d’Or. 

Documentaries and new films of every genre are previewed to audiences of distributors and other professionals. And of course, movie stars add a touch of glamour to this non-public festival. As a result, it receives massive attention from international media.

The Festival de Cannes also has a business element of course, where producers and distributors exchange ideas, view films and sign contracts alongside the official screenings.

During the festival, vca Cannes provides key services including event management, limousines, hospitality services and accommodation. Our accommodation portfolio includes hotel rooms, villas, apartments and yachts.

We can help you to organise private transport in the latest BMW and Mercedes limos to ensure that you are always cool, calm and collected, and in the right place at the right time.

vca operate year-round in Cannes so this has allowed us to build strong relationships with the hospitality sector. We can often fix things for you during the film festival that other organisations might find difficult.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So, get in touch and we'll respond imaginatively.