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Cannes 2021

See and be seen


It’s not only the official awards such as the Palme d’Or that attract media attention at the Cannes film festival, but the comings and goings of celebrities are broadcast worldwide during these ten days. There’s a lot of partying during the Festival de Cannes, mostly invitation-only. We may not be able to get you on a guest list but we can certainly get you into the most sought-after restaurants, bars and clubs – and we can tell you which ones are worthy of their reputations, too.

We work to an agreed budget, and you’ll have a senior vca event manager on site during your event for complete peace of mind.


Restaurant Request



Restaurants and bars


Where to eat

It can be tempting to race from screening to screening, from party to party during the film festival, but it’s worth taking the time to eat a proper meal; and sharing breakfast, lunch or dinner can help you make lasting relationships with your contacts.

Cannes has a great choice of bars, restaurants and cafes and we can help you pick the most suitable venue. Because vca has a year-round presence in Cannes we have strong links with the owners of the town’s best restaurants, cafes and bars. This personal connection means that we are sure of the recommendations we make.

Whether you want to impress your guests by hosting dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant or offer an informal brunch during the festival, call on vca. We do make a token charge for recommendations – but we know we will save you time and effort, and we can probably get you into places that others cannot access.




Top quality

vca works year-round with several top Cannes hotels because we book accommodation for festival clients. This means we have strong links with hoteliers, which means they are happy to work with us to provide hospitality to you during the Festival de Cannes.

A hotel is an impressive venue for cocktails, canapes and dinner, and we can put together an event for 30 guests or 300 – just ask!

Our favourite hotels have polished, experienced front-of-house staff and excellent catering so you know the service and food will meet your high standards.

Talk to us about branding and themes, too: our events organisers have plenty of experience with the hotels in Cannes and would be happy to help you host a memorable party.


Your own venue


Change your space

More and more of our clients ask about our Cannes HQ service during the Cannes Film Festival. We can take your accommodation, be it yacht, villa or apartment and transform it into a magical event space with theming and branding. We can transform your accommodation into a screening space, an event space and a dining space; and then back to your accommodation.

vca will also organise food, drink, entertainment and security if you require it. We can organise transport so you guests arrive on time and return safely to their own accommodation afterwards.

You will have a senior vca hospitality manager on site for the entire event and we will even allay the neighbour’s concerns about noise if that becomes necessary.