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Our journey

So, how did we become a travel and event agency operating in Cannes and the South of France?

Well, in short, a combination of personal choice and our business history. The foundation must be attributed in part to Tim’s connections with France, nurtured first as a student and then pretty much throughout his career in travel.

But our business experience, particularly when we ran our travel agency in Dulwich, played as important a part in building vca. At that time our business travel client base was entertainment and media oriented– record companies, producers and groups, executive travel and world tours, as well as TV and film companies. And this led us in to working on the festivals and markets for those industries, which took place in Cannes.

It also led us to being the official UK travel agency for the organisers of the trade shows held in Cannes like Midem, MipTV etc through the nineties. This was the beginning of our close connection with Cannes festivals, trade fairs and markets today.

And because we love what we do we’ve made all sorts of personal connections in Cannes, which means we can get you things that other events agencies or booking sites won’t be able to access. And we can give you peace of mind – you’re in Cannes to do business and you don’t want to be worrying about restaurant bookings and venue hire. Put those event planning details in our reliable hands so you can get on with what’s important to you.

So we’re pretty focused. We work hard at delivering a reliable destination management service with a creative edge. And at maintaining our passion for Cannes and Provence.

Victoria Cocking


Prior to setting up her original consultancy, her career included time in London design studios, photographic galleries and advertising agencies.

During that time she worked alongside photographers and creative directors.

At vca Cannes, Victoria is responsible for all aspects of client contact, managing and developing their projects in Cannes and the South of France.

She oversees aspects of the general management of the business. She also makes her expertise in creative event planning and management available to all our clients.


Tim Cocking


Tim speaks fluent French and Spanish. Apart from general management, he looks after our operation on the ground in Cannes. This involves negotiating with our local suppliers and ensuring our clients’ projects in Cannes and/or elsewhere in France are effectively managed.

Tim's background in international tourism, which encompasses tour operating, hotel management, ad agencies as well as leisure and business travel, has equipped him well to give advice to our clients.

He has lived and worked in France, Spain, the Gulf and the USA as well as having travelled globally.