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Hotel Belle Plage closes

Hotel Belle Plage closes
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Notes from Cannes: the end of an era for hotelier family

At least four generations of the Pessino family have been closely involved in the Cannes’ hotel scene. Readers may be familiar with their last property, the four-star Belle Plage at Square Dreyfus.

The hotel was built by Aldo Pessino on the same site as the original Belle Plage. Gradually he handed over the management to his daughter, Dianne, and son, Yves.

The family suffered a double blow a couple of years ago when Aldo sadly passed away, only to be followed a short time afterwards by his son. That left Dianne to cope (very well, we have to say) on her own but assisted by her daughter and sister-in-law. But it was only a matter of time before they just wanted to move on, apart from anything else, from the sad recent past.

The hotel has now been sold and will be closed for two years whilst the new owners undertake renovation. So, it will be back.

A final word. Aldo Pessino was a big and positive influence. At one time, he was assistant to the Mayor, head of the Syndicat d’Initiative and Hotel Association. But more than that. On another note, vca Cannes would not have existed without his encouragement since the late 70s, when his advice and support to me personally, as a young tour operator to the South of France, got us where we are today.