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Unique wines for discerning clients

Unique wines for discerning clients
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You won’t get wines like these in the supermarket

At vca we’ve been supplying a personalised food and drinks services to international clients at the Cannes festivals and elsewhere for more than 20 years. The quality of the food and drink can make or break an event, so these are details that we are determined to get right when we manage events for our clients. We love exploring the region to find new culinary treasures to share with our clients and I have to say, I’m rather proud of our network of quality wine producers and imaginative caterers. So, over the next few months I’ll be highlighting aspects of these services.

Let’s start with wine

We source our Provençal wines (mainly rosés and reds; more about whites later) direct from independent growers who use their own grapes. This means they’re small-volume producers, focusing on quality rather than volume. They have a passion for continual improvement and experimentation, always looking for that “something” extra. I’ve heard that other Cannes event agencies source their wine from supermarkets – but that doesn’t make sense for vca. We want to give our clients something a bit special; and we like to support producers directly.

What’s so special about Provençal wines?

Provence’s classic Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and long warm summers cooled by the mistral wind from the north make the region perfect for producing wine.

Provencal rosé wine drinks well before a meal; but it pairs well with food – particularly the region’s own cuisine. The reds are rich and fruity, and the rosés tend to be dry and fresh. The trend now is the “paler the better” – as everyday drinking, we’d agree but not necessarily with a meal.

Chateau Thuerry: A very good example of quality Provençal wines

We regularly buy wine from Chateau Thuerry on behalf of our clients, as their high standards consistently meet our clients’ needs.

I never need an excuse to make a trip out to Chateau Thuerry because the owner, Jean-Louis Croquet, is a fascinating man.  I enjoy the conviviality and lively conversation - the head winemaker, Serge Gombert, shares useful insights and I learn something new whenever I’m there.

Chateau Thuerry is located near Villecroze in the Var, about 90 minutes from Cannes. The Domaine covers 340 hectares (mostly forest, not vines!) in total over three villages. The surrounding hills protect the vines from the worst of the mistral. The site was used by the Knights Templars, and evidence has been found to suggest Roman occupation before that.

Chateau Thuerry combines traditional viticulture with modern winemaking techniques.  The state-of-the-art winery, which creates ideal conditions for making, ageing and stocking, is highly regarded throughout the wine business. Definitely worth a visit.

Chateau Thuerry’s 2018 vintage has produced excellent rosés and very acceptable whites, all drinking now. We took time out to attend the 2018 vintage launch lunch in March where we mixed with buyers, locals and a couple of Michelin starred chefs.

Chateau Thuerry has some wonderful wines, but we find these ones popular with our clients:

  • Rosés: the 2018 Les Abeillons and le 21
  • Red: the 2014 Les Abeillons red.

How can we help you?

Are you hosting an event in Cannes or on the Côte d’Azur? Give your guests the best that Provence has to offer by getting support from vca. Call us today and tell us what you have in mind.