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Why go to MIPIM?

Why go to MIPIM?
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Are you ready for the world’s best commercial property trade fair?

We’re already taking bookings for 2020 MIPM. The international property event runs from 10-13 March 2020, and clients are already turning to us for accommodation and help with events in Cannes.

Who goes to MIPIM?

MIPIM brings together architects, investors and corporate end-users – about 23,000 of them. You can expect to meet people from local authorities and from the hospitality, healthcare, sports and logistics sectors. This intense four-day trade fair brings together investors and real estate projects.

So why Cannes?

MIPIM has the undeserved reputation of being a bit of a jolly for the property industry, but it is a major global event and as such it gives access to sources of international capital and key property sector influencers.

Networking and socialising at MIPIM facilitates deals that bring thousands of jobs and new homes to the UK. Without international capital and contacts, these projects will not get off the ground.

Gathering in early springtime in Cannes allows people working in property to step out of the daily grind and northern winter. Provence’s unique light energises people and helps them to make the most of this trade fair. And the climate makes it easier to organise events in or outdoors.

The town’s magic makes people more receptive to new ideas and the changed routine allows you to contemplate and talk over developments for the future. Such productive reflection is a key part of continuing professional development that is so vital to a healthy working life.

Trade fairs like MIPIM are a chance to network with other professionals. It’s a chance to catch up with colleagues and, through shared experiences, to forge the human connections that help organisations go further faster.

It might seem like an extravagance to travel a thousand miles to a trade fair, but despite recent technology developments, property professionals still need face-to-face meetings. It’s human nature to gather in one place to share new ideas, get inspiration and seal deals, and Cannes is the perfect spot.

How to get best value in Cannes

Cannes has a reputation for glamour, partly left over from its days as the playground of the rich, and partly because of its association with the film industry. But that doesn’t mean that the prices are inflated. Let’s tell you how.

Book accommodation early

MIPIM is only four days, but it’s an intense event and experienced attendees know it’s worth taking care over choosing accommodation to help you get good quality rest. We’re already taking bookings for MIPIM, and with 23,000 people in town, apartments and hotel rooms are going fast for that week in March 2020. Tell us about your needs now: we work directly with owners or with Cannes’ most reputable property agents, so you can rely on vca for accommodation.

Professional event organisers

You can get deals on event venues if you ask for the right services and aren’t afraid to look beyond the Palais. With our local knowledge, we can find an appropriate venue for your event and bring in whatever extras you require. We always work to your budget using our own trusted suppliers, so there will be no unexpected charges when the invoice arrives.

Travel smart

Flights to Nice are frequent, and then it’s just a short private car transfer to Cannes, which we organise for you.

If your organisation is keen to reduce its carbon footprint by not flying, Cannes is accessible from the UK by train. The journey time from London St Pancras via Avignon/Marseille is only eight hours, which compares favourably with flying, when you take into account check-in and security formalities.

Then again, travelling by car through the Tunnel with an overnight stop, for example in Burgundy, is a pleasure. We’ve done it many times and can pass on our recommendations to you. And you will have your own transport in and around Cannes as well.

Call on vca Cannes for services at MIPIM

Whatever your plans for MIPIM, come to vca for advice on events, hospitality, transport and accommodation. It’s our pleasure to help, so contact us and tell us what you need.