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Well, goodbye 2020 and hello 2021

Well, goodbye 2020 and hello 2021
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Au revoir 2020; et bonjour 2021  

If you detect a hint of mutual relief and even anticipation in that statement, read on.

Like us, you’ve surely missed the annual business trip to Cannes. And you’d be right in thinking, Cannes has missed us too.

The city “lost”, it seems, 400,000 room nights – that’s 280,000 guests apparently. The knock-on effect for the hospitality and retail sectors has been tough.

But the French government’s solidarity fund for bars and restaurants has been generous. Hence, remarkably few failures in the hospitality sector and none in vca Cannes’ preferred partner list. In many cases, Cannes venues have reacted to the issues arising with imagination and creativity.

So Cannes, like us, is ready to go. We can help you start planning now for Mipim and Cannes Lions, both in sunny June. Think about it as you look out at that January sky. 

Are we being over optimistic? We don’t think so. It's surely inconceivable that the shows won’t go on in 2021?

So we’re back in Cannes this month, preparing the ground. It’s never too soon to get started, so give us an early shout.

And let the good times roll.

Apologies to BB.