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Where to stay for MIPTV


The organisers of MIPTV of course reserve in advance a large number of hotel rooms. This does not mean, sadly, that everyone gets what they want. In such circumstances, call on vca Travel for assistance. Because of the good relationships we have with hoteliers in Cannes, we have access to rooms and accommodation.

Alternatively, if you want a bit more space and a central location, vca Cannes offers a large selection of apartments through licensed agencies and direct with individual owners we have worked with over the years.




We can find you a room

vca operates year-round in Cannes so we are able to work closely with selected hotel partners because we’ve had many years to build strong relationships with hoteliers, which means we can help you make a MIPTV hotel booking.

We offer a contracted but limited selection of hotel rooms in and around Cannes, focusing on 4-star and 3-star properties, primarily as support for our event clients.

We do, however, sometimes have spare capacity, so it’s always worth making contact if you need a hotel booking in Cannes during MIPTV.




Apartments with a personal touch

vca Travel works with only the top licensed agents, or directly with owners of apartments in Cannes. We always have personal knowledge of the property, and will personally introduce you to the facilities and show you how everything works. That way, we can guarantee you have all the facilities and services you need for a hassle-free attendance at MIPTV.

Our range covers everything from one-bedroom studios to penthouses, all well located in the centre of Cannes and we pick out properties that we know will make ideal bases during MIPTV.

Our support services include the provision of food and drink, catering and presentation equipment if required so you can focus on getting the most out of MIPTV.




Find your villa in Cannes

A villa in Cannes is ideal for meetings and entertaining at MIPTV. We offer a full range from three to seven bedrooms, plenty of bathrooms and excellent catering/leisure facilities. All our high-end villas have attractive gardens and pools for added wow.

vca Travel’s support services can include daily cleaning and food and drink provision. We can also organise a driver on stand-by for you; and we can help with catering and meeting or presentation services should you need that.

We also have links with agents and owners of gîtes available during or after MIPTV throughout Provence and the South of France.




Get on deck with a yacht charter

A yacht in the Old Port of Cannes right next to the Palais des Festivals is a luxurious and convenient base during MIPTV. With vca Travel’s support services it can become your accommodation, meeting facility and restaurant all in one.

Used correctly, chartering a static yacht represents excellent value for money and you’ll be right in the centre of the action. We have been chartering boats in Cannes for client accommodation and events since 1994. This means we understand the procedures necessary to satisfy the Port of Cannes and are able to obtain berths in the best locations while giving you a trouble-free stay.