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Cannes 2021/2022

Case Study: A Special Guest

Your problem: The talent attending your event have riders running to a hundred clauses and missing an important detail would not be good for your reputation in the industry.

You asked vca: A couple of the guests coming to our event have particular security needs to ensure their safety. Can you help us comply with these?

vca’s event planner said: Of course! We are used to organising events attended by leading actors and will ensure that all the terms of their rider requests are fulfilled. We can work with their security or organise security protection if required. And we can show documentation proving that our private cars comply with French licensing and insurance rules. We can set up private hair and makeup facilities if these are wanted. You tell us what is needed, and we will make it happen.

You said: That went really well! I was even able to relax and mingle with the guests because, thanks to vca’s support in Cannes, I was so confident that everything was as it should be, down to the very last detail.