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Cannes 2021/2022

Case Study: Restaurant Booking

Your problem: Your boss has invited six clients to join you and your colleagues for dinner on the Wednesday of the festival.You call a few places three months ahead, but they say they have no tables for twelve, or they offer you several smaller tables instead.

You asked vca: Could you get me a restaurant booking for twelve please? We’d like to treat our clients to somewhere really nice – and my boss is a bit of a foodie. I was wondering about a set menu so we could order in advance. And I’m going to need a table plan to make sure everyone mixes.

vca’s destination manager said: The best restaurants in Cannes fill up well in advance of markets and festivals – but I know most of the restaurateurs and can often persuade them to open up a table or two. And we can help you with a set menu, with wine included. We can print table plans and place cards for you, too. Let me make a few calls.

You said: My boss was so impressed! She said she’d been wanting to eat at that restaurant for years and couldn’t believe I’d got a table.