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Cannes 2021/2022

Case Study: Your Cannes HQ

Your problem: You’ve got so much to do at this year’s market. You’re hosting a dinner, there’s a presentation, a press conference and all the usual networking and socialising.

You asked vca:  Could you book accommodation for six people and dinner for twenty on the second night. We could also do with some office space, and we’ll be giving an informal presentation, too, so will need space for that. And then there’s the press conference as well.

vca’s experts said: What do you think of booking an apartment or town house in Cannes for the week and using it for all those things? That’s your accommodation sorted, and then it’s easy to adapt the space with the help of our trusted suppliers. We can organise catering and staff for your dinner party. And we can hire the extra seating and equipment you’ll need for that presentation and the press conference.

You said: What an elegant and economic solution! We got full value from our apartment booking because we used it so much as our HQ. With its beautiful terrace and the sea views our visiting colleagues and guests were really impressed, and we had everything we needed right there for our presentation. We loved our Cannes HQ and are keen to book again next year.