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Cannes 2021/2022

Case Study: The Film Screening

Your problem: You are screening your documentary and you want to book a venue with high quality AV equipment. Ideally, you’d like to greet your guests with pre-screening drinks, too, and offer some hospitality afterwards to get feedback.

You asked vca: I need to book a venue for a screening of a documentary to fifty guests with pre-screening drinks and some canapes afterwards during the Q&A session.

vca’s event planner said: Yes, we can help. Tell me a bit more about your documentary, and about the guests. We can find you a suitable venue in Cannes and book the AV equipment. It will be all set up and ready to go when you arrive. We can also lay on some wine and canapes beforehand and afterwards so you are free to mingle with your guests.

You said: That was so easy! The presence of the technician was very reassuring, and it meant I wasn’t worried at all about the AV equipment working so I could really focus on my guests.