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Cannes 2021/2022

Case study: The Presentation

Your problem: You are presenting a talk and in the past you’ve had difficulty connecting your laptop to the screen. You ended up having to cut the presentation short and it left you a bit flustered.

You said: I’d like to book a room for a talk with a presentation, which I’ll give to around twenty delegates. I want to know that when I arrive the room will be set up and that my laptop will plug straight into the AV equipment in the room. Can you help me make that happen?

vca’s event planner said: Yes, certainly. The on-site technician will help you set up and will be available  throughout, ready to help if needed. The room will be laid out ready for when you arrive. Let us know if you’d like to give your delegates any refreshments.

You said: Thanks – it all went smoothly. One of my colleagues said I looked completely at ease presenting. Handing over the practical arrangements was great for my peace of mind.