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Cannes 2021/2022

Getting around


The journey from Côte d’Azur Airport to Cannes is not long but if you are unfamiliar with the route or would prefer not to navigate public transport after your flight we can book you a private airport transfer for MIPIM so you arrive relaxed and ready to network.

Cannes’ infamous one-way system puts many people off driving in town, and in the evening it can be difficult to secure a taxi, particularly if you do not book in advance. vca can help by booking whatever transport you need during you time at MIPIM, whether it’s one car, two or even a private coach .

You may also wish to range further into the French Riviera once your business at MIPIM is done – we can organise this, too.


Airport Transfer Request




Your car awaits

Enjoy the stress-free service of individual transportation between airport and accommodation or to a restaurant or bar during your time at MIPIM. Access to your own car and driver is particularly valuable if you need to be in a certain place at a certain time.

We source your cars and drivers from our partner Carey, the largest limousine company in Europe. You can expect new Mercedes chauffeur-driven cars and people-movers with free on-board wifi. Carey conforms to all licensing and insurance requirements for Cannes, which is important to us because we take your comfort and safety seriously.

If you are staying in a rented villa or apartment we can organise a driver on stand-by for you and your colleagues. Just ask if you require this service.


Larger vehicles


Move your people

If you are organising an event during your time at MIPIM, particularly if the venue is outside the centre of Cannes, you may wish to lay on transport as part of your hospitality. Providing a coach or minibus ensures that your attendees or guests arrive on time and get safely back to their accommodation in Cannes afterwards.

vca can source anything for you from a thirteen-seater mini-bus to a fifty-seater coach. We only use vehicles that conform to executive standards so you can be sure of impressing your guests.

Ask us if you’d like us to organise a qualified tour guide to introduce and explain the sights of Cannes and the stunning coastline of the French Riviera along the way.




Take a flight

The helicopter transfer from Nice Airport to Cannes is just fifteen minutes – and you will never be affected by the heavy traffic that can sometimes occur on the main roads. It’s a great way to enjoy magnificent views of the Côte d’Azur on your way to MIPIM.

Once you have finished your business at MIPIM you could also take a helicopter to city-state of Monaco; or we can charter a flight to the seaside resort of St-Tropez or even to a restaurant in Provence. Ask us for a personal recommendation. The team at vca are all passionate about the South of France and we are sure we can find a destination that will delight you and your colleagues and guests.